What I Was Gonna Say

I know I’ve hurt others with the things that I didn’t say… But watching George Lucas video by Goalcast just now.. I decided that to share what’s on my mind tho it won’t make sense to some, anyway…

I used to think that I had a complicated mind. That I even consider myself crazy at one point of time. Until I’ve seen millions of video of famous people who were exactly just like me and I’m a person who doesn’t believe there is such thing as coincidence and I believe that each one of us has certain role to be fulfilled. That’s why those who knew me by heart won’t stop me for doing what I do best, even when nobody believes me. It doesn’t matter as long as I believe in myself.

Deep in my heart, what matters most is to see each individual succeed in their own way. Helping them towards their goals has been my duty on earth and yes, I know this ever since I was in junior high school. I assisted people.

I know we have different battle each and every single day and there are times when those battles become unbearable. Thus, if you need a glimpse of light in eternal darkness, remember these….

If you are tired, please take a good care of yourself and have a rest.
It is okay to make mistake even the uglist ones.
It is totally okay to stop working for once and do nothing.
If people don’t believe in you, don’t hurt them. Keep doing what you do best.
If people don’t understand you or misunderstood you, that’s okay. It doesn’t have to make sense for them.
If you’re feeling lost right now, then it is a good day just to relax and enjoy the sky.
If you need help, ask.
If you wanted to talk, approach.
If you are scared, take a deep breath and vizualize of having a chance to make your dream come true. A one shot.
If you are sick, drink plenty of water and take a medicine if necessary.
If you want to improve your health, exercise and choose your food accordingly.
If you are stuck on your career, then you probably need to explore other things.
If you want to change the world, then do one thing different each day.
If you want to be famous, then start doing what you do best and create things.
If you are angry, take one step back and start count your breath.
If you are exhausted and anxious, take a break and start travel to a new place.
If you think that abundance is only related to money, how about being healthy and happy as a true wealth?

Last but not least,
If you are pressured to be someone that you are not, look at me..
Being myself is a crime that I will forever commit.

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