You Can Write!

No, don’t tell me that you can’t write. That hurts!
You may be a new writer or the award-winning one, whether you consider yourself a writer or not, it is possible to take the details of your personal story, no matter how traumatic they may be, and write your way home to an unshakable, safe space for your soul to reside.

I never believe in a person who said that he/she can’t write because we are all can learn to take the details, situations, feelings, triumphs and frustrations of our everyday life and, instead of avoiding them or making them seem more “interesting,” use them honestly in their rawest format as the basis of writing that moves, connects and inspires.

Moreover, whether you are looking to write for money, for inspiration (yours or others), to find peace or just to vent; writing is a journey and we can always express our true voice.

Your Writer Friend.

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